Dental implants are one of the most natural and long lasting methods to replace missing teeth. The resulting tooth or teeth are completely fixed in place, are non removable, and they look, feel and function just like natural teeth!

People who have lost teeth may feel self-conscious to smile or talk. Additionally, chewing irregularities caused by tooth loss can have a negative effect on eating habits and this can lead to secondary health problems. Regardless of the nature of problems related to tooth loss, dental implants can provide a simple remedy with proven results.

The implant process:

1st Stage – Treatment Plan: Call us to book your complimentary implant consultation. At your first visit, we will determine your suitability for dental implants and discuss your treatment plan and costs in detail. We will need to take a mould of your teeth, and also get a special 3D xray taken before proceeding to the next stage.

2nd Stage – The implant is placed: It is a pain free procedure, as we place the implant under local anaesthetic, we ensure that you are well and truly numb. It is relatively quick and completely computer guided ensuring an incredibly high level of accuracy. In many cases, patients comment that the appointment is even easier and more comfortable than having a basic filling done.

3rd Stage – The tooth is fitted to the implant: After the implant has healed and settled, usually after a period of about 3 months, we then fit the permanent tooth on top of your implant.