Professional teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to brighten your smile. A specially designed bleach is applied to your teeth, absorbing into your enamel and removing discolourations which have built up over time. The procedure is extremely straight forward and takes very little of your time. The changes for the majority of our patients have been dramatic!

Whitening FAQs:

– Does bleaching damage your teeth? If you are using a whitening product recommended and supervised by your dental professional, the procedure has proven to be extremely safe and does NOT cause any permanent damage to your teeth. Some bleaching systems available online do contain extremely high concentrations of bleaching agent which can damage your teeth, however these will never be recommended by your dentist.

– Should I expect any side effects from bleaching? Some of our patients note mild sensitivity during the bleaching procedure, but don’t worry this is just temporary and will always return to your normal levels once you cease bleaching. If you overfill your bleach trays, you may also notice a slight burning sensation and whitening of the affected gums – again this is temporary and will return to normal fairly quickly once the bleach is rinsed away.

– How often do I have to bleach? This varies from person to person and depends a lot on your diet and lifestyle. If you consume large amounts of tea, coffee, red wine or are a smoker, you will generally need to bleach more regularly. On average, the bleaching procedure may need to be repeated every 6 months.

– Are my teeth suitable for teeth whitening? A lot of people are great candidates for teeth whitening. The only exception is if you have fillings or caps on your front teeth – these will not whiten like the rest of your natural teeth will and can leave your smile looking patchy and of uneven colour. If this is the case, the solution may be as simple as swapping out your fillings for whiter ones to match your new bleached appearance, or alternatively veneers may be a better and more permanent way of whitening your smile.

– What bleach system do you use? We exclusively use Phillips ZOOM Bleaching system, as we believe this is the very best on the market.